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Sport Event Volunteer has been a project and idea of mine (Patricia Anthony) for a while. I have myself been volunteering at sport events around the world many times, and met a lot of wonderful people that share the same interest.

Sport events of all sizes as well as local sport clubs manage to bring a community together like no other event. It is fascinating how people of all ages like to take part in the organization, and for many different reasons. Those reason we will discover at Sport Event Volunteer, through interviewing people that have experience with volunteering at sport events and people that simply work with sports on a daily basis.

Sport Event Volunteer is the place where people of all ages can find an overview of upcoming events, and if there are possibilities to volunteer. It is also the place where organizations that are looking for volunteers can contact us and collaborate with SEV on a common project. If you want to share your story, looking for volunteering opportunities, or want to collaborate with Sport Event Volunteer then contact us at info@sporteventvolunteer.com!

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2 thoughts on “We are live!

  • Andrii

    Hi, Patricia:)
    I wonder what sport events you took part in. I think it is a great place where sport volunteers could be united and discuss future events they want to take part in. Thank you for the platform.