About us

What is Sport Event Volunteer?

Sport Event Volunteer is an online platform where sport event interested can find opportunities to volunteer at events either nationally and/or internationally. Moreover, for the people that are mostly interested in taking part in the events as a spectator Sport Event Volunteer also provides a calendar with upcoming sport events and how to get tickets.

Behind the concept

The initial idea of “Sport Event Volunteer” came up by Patricia Anthony a long time ago because she believes that there are many people over the world that are interested in taking part of the organization of sport events through volunteering. Finally, 2016 has been the year that this long-time dream has become reality and launched.

About the founder

Patricia has together with other people of many ages taken part in events such as the Euro Football 2012 in Gdansk (Poland), the danish tennis tournament E-Boks Open, the international olympics congress in Copenhagen and more.