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There are many people that decide to take a plane and travel to an unknown city to volunteer for sport events and other type of volunteer experiences. One person who did that last year was Agustin Garcia from Argentina. He decided to travel to the capital of Spain, in order to volunteer for the Mutua Madrid Open where many of the largest tennis players were battling out on the court. Sport Event Volunteer interview Agustin to hear more about his experience, and if he thinks you should travel to Spain for a similar experience.

Tell us something about yourself, where are you from? What are your interests?

Well, my name is Agustin Garcia, I am 23 years old and I am from a village called Luis Beltrán which is located in the province of Rio Negro in Argentina. But currently I have been living in Buenos Aires since three years ago, as I am studying a Bachelor in Tourism. I really enjoy traveling and I also enjoy tennis, both playing as a hobby as by going to tournaments.

Why did you decide to travel to Madrid for this event?

Honestly, I think that the trip to Madrid was part of destiny because I had filled out a form to be volunteer in the tournament in 2015, and they didn’t write me or call me. I didn’t believe in the possibility of going at another moment in time, but in February this year they got in touch with me, and I couldn’t believe it.

I filled in the form for two reasons: first of all because I love tennis and being part of a Master 1000 like the one in Madrid was like a dream coming true. Being so close to top players was something I had always dreamt of, and at the moment thought was impossible. The second reason is that I always wanted to travel to Europe, from Argentina, due to the distance and also the time at the university and work sometimes it gets complicated. However, when this possibility occurred, I didn’t doubt crossing the ocean and getting to know a part of Spain.

Is it the first time that you volunteer?

Indeed it is, and it was not only the first time I was volunteer in a tennis tournament but it was also the first time I travelled in a plane and the first time I put my foot on Spanish ground. It was a trip of many “first times”.

How was the experience in Madrid? Did you like the city?

I loved the city. I really liked that people were open and kind. I enjoyed the food as well. It is without a doubt a city that I would like to visit again and that I recommend highly.

What was the best moment for you during Mutua Madrid 2016?

My best memory of Mutua Madrid 2016 was when they chose me to be in the final ceremony. Being able to congratulating the winner of the tournament, which was Novak Djokovic, and being on the center court was something very emotional and it filled me with joy. I also have another great memory, which was the group of volunteers that I made friends with made a Whatsapp group in which we still keep in touch. Moreover, I can also not forget the afternoon where I coincided with Andy Murray, who is my favorite tennis player, and I could take a picture with him. There are many great memories that I take with me from the tournament.

Would you like to return to Mutua Madrid Open 2017?

I still don’t know, I would like to return, but due to money and my university I am not sure if it is possible. It is a decision that I will take soon.

Why should people apply to be a volunteer for this event?

I highly recommend other young people to apply to be volunteer at this event, for various reasons. First of all, if you like tennis it is an unforgettable experience. Second of all, because it is a tournament that is very well organized, and they will treat you in the best way. Thirdly, because it is a beautiful opportunity to get to know Madrid.

So for everyone who are interested, don’t hesitate with filling in the form, because you won’t regret it for sure.

Would you like to volunteer at any other event?

I would like to try the experience of volunteering at another tennis tournament. Let’s hope that the possibility with occur at some moment.


If you like Agustin would like to volunteer for the Mutua Madrid Open 2017 you can find more information about the event here.

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  • Semen

    I am going to Madrid for the next 6 months to study in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos . I am a big tennis fan and I would like to know whether there are some variants to be a volunteer in tennis tournament Madrid Open 2017! I have a great experience: earlier I have been volunteering in Saint-Petersburg Open 3 times.