Interview with Sabina Begic on gaining valuable work experience through volunteering

Sport Event Volunteer is very interested in hearing from other volunteers and their story in the world of sport. One who has chosen to share it with SEV, and the rest of the world is Sabina Begic from Sarajevo.

Sabina is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina but currently lives between Vienna and Valencia. She graduated in veterinary medicine, but what truly changed her life was when she became a member of AEGEE-Wien in 2008. Since then beside of AEGEE she have been participant in several Youth in Action programs,Case Study trips and Salto-Youth trainings representing Austria, where she develop herself on non-formal education field. Her general interests are European youth policy and Fashion. So Sabina has been doing a lot of interesting things, and below you can get to know more about her journey so far.

When was the first time that you volunteered in a sport event?

945950_676671095692676_2015903701_nIt was 1996, on 9 September  when the IAAF organized the Athletic Meeting of Solidarity in Sarajevo. Over 100 athletes, including a large number of Olympic and world champions, representing all five continents, took part.

What got you interested in volunteering in that event?

The Athletes. I am big Athletic fan. Sarajevo was then a city still marked by the brutal bombardments of a war which had seemed interminable. Athletes came to attend this first act of peace and fraternity, backed by the world-wide athletics movement.

How was the experience?

WOW.To attend and take part in professional sport event was more than amazing.

That was the moment when I start to learn about the values of sport, and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering.

580295_10201319410692577_221346393_nHave you done non-sports related volunteering? If yes, what?

Yes. Few times I was volunteer at health events: Vet start 2008, AIDS world conference 2010,Different medical congress and at European youth policy related events: EVE Yo Fest 2013, different AEGEE Europe events.

You have volunteered with EUSA, can you tell us about what is EUSA and the opportunity with volunteering for them?

Yes. I am very thankful to European University Sports Association,because I had the chance to be one of 35 International Volunteers at the 1 st European Universities Games in Cordoba, Spain. The EUSA Games are meant as an opportunity to bring student athletes together and make Europe friendlier.

Apart from the Sports Competitions (namely European Universities Championships, European Universities Games, EUSA Cups and others under EUSA Patronage) and other Educational Events (like Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums, etc.), the European University Sports Association also runs independent projects, together with other partners.

I can only say: If you are interested in experiencing a unique adventure, learning about sport values and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering in European University Championships and European University Games – apply for it.

391191_384693044918036_805678210_nWhat can you use your experience with volunteering for?

I will tell you my list of benefits and reasons why I chose to become a volunteer: getting to know new places and people – making new friends, and if you are lucky enough, as I was, then making friends for life; networking; building self-confidence; decision-making; CV improvement, civil responsibility.

What would you say to people that are not interested in volunteering because they see it is a unpaid work that they do not get anything out of?

The skills you gain can go on your CV, and the social links you make could lead to other opportunities. What are the other benefits? If, for reasons beyond your control, you are struggling to find work it’s a great way of making connections.

Sports offer volunteerism, friendship, a healthy lifestyle and social integration.

People who somehow find the time and energy to throw themselves into a cause cannot be thanked enough! Even so, there are ways to let them know exactly how truly appreciated their time and efforts are and you get to be part of a sporting event!

1923892_27957890406_8681_nWould you recommend other to volunteer at sport events?

Yes. If sport is your thing and you want all the fun without the physical exertion, volunteering may be perfect for you.

Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in sport, develop new skills and stay engaged in a sport.

If you have never volunteered before then it might appear daunting as to where to even start.

There are many different roles you could do in sport :

1. Find out about different roles available

2. Discover local clubs in your area

3. Understand your skills

4. Talk to other volunteers

5. Look for specific opportunities

Often people want to get involved but don’t know where to start. Local sports clubs are right places where we meet new people.

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