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There are many people that decide to take a plane and travel to an unknown city to volunteer for sport events and other type of volunteer experiences. One person who did that last year was Agustin Garcia from Argentina. He decided to travel to the capital of Spain, in order […]

From Buenos Aires to Madrid to volunteer at Mutua Madrid ...

10.000 participants took part in the race, Madrid corre por Madrid (Madrid runs for Madrid) the 18th of September 2016. A 10 kilometer race that took place in the center of Madrid, going around the likes of Retiro, Sol, Cibeles and more. The event was organized by the AsociaciĆ³n Deportivo […]

Volunteer with MAPOMA in Madrid

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Sport Event Volunteer has been a project and idea of mine (Patricia Anthony) for a while. I have myself been volunteering at sport events around the world many times, and met a lot of wonderful people that share the same interest. Sport events of all sizes as well as local […]

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